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Гидронасосы Hydralic Power Technique

Fixed single flow pumps

HPT hydralic is your right supplier of wide range of bent-axis pumps. These pumps are boost for all hydralic application. The different sizes start from 12-130 cm3 with pressure up to 400 bar.

Double output flow pumps

For high achievement of hydralic system, we offer dual pumps with fixed displacement. These pumps are HPTD and HPTDL comprises with 9 different sizes start 20/20 cm3 up to 53/53 cm3. The HPTD are bent-axis desing whereas the HPTDL pump are of inline design with swash plate.

Fixed displacement bent-axis motors

HPT hydralic motors are not only SAE, ISO and DIN standart but also cartridge motors. The displacement is 12-130 cm3 depend on choise of shafts, seals and connection ports. Both high revolution speeds and operating pressure up to 400 bar gives a power output up to 285 kW.

HPTM 12-130 DIN

HPTM 12-130 SAE

HPTM 12-34 SAE B2

HPTM 12-130 ISO

HPTM 25-108 M2

Variable displacement pumps

The displacement for our variable pumps are 62, 92, 112 and 130 cm3. The operating pressure reach up to 450 bar. We offer differnt types of regulators and tandem pup assembly to enable you to use this pump in almost all hydralic aplications.

HPTPVH 62, 92, 112

HPTPVH 130, 150